How it Works?

How Works???

As the name suggests, is a website where Pages can be Traded. Creating a page on PageTrade, means that page can be retained by the submitter or can be traded to a willing buyer. EXAMPLE>>>

  • Jeff creates a page at (FREE)

  •  Jeff then places his page for sale, for example: $10.00

  •  Bob see's the page for sale and buys it using his PayPal account
  •  Jeff gets 70% commission ($7.00)

  •  Bob returns to and the Page is now his! Bob has access to the Free Ads slot!


There are rules governing creating content on but in general, provided that:

  • 1. No copyrights have been breached
  • 2. The Page that is being submitted is UNIQUE (i.e. it does not already exist on our database)
  • 3. Our terms and conditions are adhered to regarding content e.g. profanity, etc. 

 So if you want to start a small business? Or make money from Advertising? Or just want access to great up to date content? Then we have something just for you.


The seller benefits by getting a 70% commission if the page gets traded.*
There are NO FEES to create a page - We cover all the hosting fees and traffic generated by your page.
All you need is a valid PayPal account - money transfers are handled by PayPal - fast, easy and securely
Other monetization options, upgrade your page to generate revenue from affiliates like Bookdepository, and more coming soon.
Advertise for FREE - Learn more
Your page will never expire or incur any costs
Reviews and Ratings system comes standard
Free facebook and Twitter integration to promote your page
Media integration on your pages e.g. Youtube / Vimeo videos
Pages HAVE to be unique, making your Page lucrative to potential buyers or advertisers.
Our site is Mobile Friendly - creating a huge customer base for your page

*The Fine Print: PayPal fees apply - if you receive money PayPal applies a fee - this applies to EVERYONE! We will pay you the 70% commission as we've promised - it would be a good idea to build your fee into the asking price for your page. PayPal's fee structure is available here:


 See our Monetization link for more info.




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